We are proud to represent Italian brands and the knowledge culture, the result of years of tradition and expertise and the passion we put into creating and producing mouldings, accessories and machinery, open to international challenges and dialogue with our colleagues around the world. mouldings, accessories and machinery, open to international challenges and dialogue with our colleagues around the world.

We want to energetically communicate our ability to be a motivated group, open to the challenges of tomorrow and attentive to the needs of today, carrying out projects and proposals that take the sector’s companies towards new goals, enacting strong and incisive initiatives that engage all the players in the chain right through to the end consumers.


We place our members at the centre of our interest: the promotion and enhancement of their skills in the manufacture and production of mouldings, accessories and machinery is one of our primary objectives.

We are attentive to market developments and emerging opportunities, quickly informing Consortium members through a confidential newsletter full of timely information.
We convey and promote the culture of the sector through events and information on all channels, from traditional to digital.


The Fama International Consortium has set ambitious goals since the creation of its Charter, including:

  • organising exhibitions and promoting the attendance of members at them;
  • enhancing and promoting the Consortium’s companies and their production in the field of frame mouldings, picture frames, accessories and graphics, as well as related technologies;
  • promoting the development of consortium companies’ exports;
  • promoting collective import systems for the procurement of raw materials, semi-finished products, machinery and tools;
  • organising and coordinating market news-gathering, and market research;
  • promoting the training of members’ staff also through the implementation of special training, retraining and refresher courses, also taking advantage of contributions from the European Union, local, regional or state authorities.

Join the FAMA International Consortium

Take part in the Consortium’s initiatives and benefit from the many advantages of membership in Fama International, such as:

  • a discount on FamaArt exhibition spaces;
  • a promotional newsletter addressed to all trade fair visitors* in which you can include your articles, news and products;
  • training and in-depth events for members only

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