environment and sustainability

Love for the land comes from many energies. Our company believes in a sustainable future.

Sensitive to environmental and energy dynamics.

For the production of electricity, a photovoltaic system is in operation in our company that powers all the machinery. The facility covers 8,000 square metres on the roof of the building and guarantees an output of up to 446 kWh (560,000 kWh/year), reducing our emissions by 296 t/year of CO2.

The proper management of forests, to prevent uncontrolled deforestation.

The average life span of a tree is 80 to 120 years; once it reaches maturity, the tree must be cut down to reforest a new one. This reforestation is crucial for the balance of the ecosystem. In all our products we use wood of certified origin from controlled reforestation forests.

We recover wood chips and wood waste to heat our company.

We are committed to applying only highly efficient production and energy recovery systems, to valorise the raw material without waste.

We separate and recycle industrial production waste.

We scrupulously separate waste into special containers for disposal: paper, plastic, glass, wet and dry. We separate industrial waste and rely on the professionalism of companies such as Recycla SPA for treatment and disposal.

Published On: November 3, 2023Categories: News