Steps Collection
Salvadori Cornici

Salvadori Cornici’s “Lab.Art” Steps Collection is an excellent example of artisanal artistic frames, born from a combination of retro and contemporary design. This unique collection is handcrafted and offers a wide range of vibrant colors, making it suitable for any setting.

The Steps frames feature a wide and colorful profile with dynamic lines that add movement without detracting from the artwork. This versatility extends to the option of pairing the Steps Collection with the Matrix for a touch of modernity.

These frames are ideal for framing artworks, photographs, or decorations, bringing elegance and style to any space. Each frame is meticulously crafted in Salvadori Cornici’s “Lab.Art” workshop, reflecting dedication and craftsmanship.

In short, the Steps Collection offers unique and versatile artistic frames, perfect for expressing your style elegantly. Choose from the two available profiles, 35 mm or 60 mm, to tailor them to your design needs.

Published On: September 18, 2023Categories: News