The Trends of Salone del Mobile 2024

The Trends of
Salone del Mobile 2024

Once again this year, the Salone del Mobile welcomed designers, manufacturers, and industry enthusiasts, recording a record turnout: 370,824 total attendees, an increase of +20.2% compared to 2023. Below are some trends seen in Milan that are dominating the international scene of interior design and furniture and will influence living spaces in the coming years.

Sustainability first!
Environmental awareness is at the core of new proposals. Eco-friendly materials and responsible production processes reflect the importance of sustainability in the contemporary design landscape.

Less is more
Functional minimalism continues to be a reference point. Furniture and accessories with clean and simple lines offer practical solutions without sacrificing style, embracing essentiality as a guiding principle.

The call of nature
Tones and textures inspired by nature create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in all domestic environments, including bathrooms and kitchens, which become true oases of tranquility and well-being.

Back to craftsmanship
There is a strong return to design that values memory, artisanal values, and the use of natural materials. Unique and personalized pieces add a touch of authenticity and character to spaces.

Integrated technology
Smart furniture, lighting systems, and home automation devices offer innovative solutions for a modern and connected life.

Mix & match
The contamination of different styles and materials to create unique and original environments: art blends with design, innovative materials with pure ones, cutting-edge technologies with craftsmanship.

Designer walls
Walls are like works of art. From wallpapers to tactile textures, from mirror compositions to frame compositions, every wall becomes a blank canvas to personalize.

Fluid home
The home is a space in continuous evolution, personal and adaptable to the changing needs of modern life. The flexibility of spaces and functions, multitasking and transformable furnishings, a natural approach to technological interfaces characterize comfortable and welcoming environments, tailored to oneself.

Published On: May 10, 2024Categories: News