Water-based paints
for eco-friendly frames

Wooden mouldings serve the practical function of protecting photos and artwork, as well as the aesthetic function of enhancing their content, decorating the wall on which they are hung, and enhancing the environment. In addition to being practical and decorative, modern mouldings are also environmentally friendly. In all areas, including art, furniture, and interior design, attention to environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important, so the use of water-based paints to finish mouldings represents a natural choice nowadays… but unfortunately, not always a given one.

One of the main advantages of water-based paints lies in their green footprint. Unlike traditional solvent-based paints, which release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) harmful to health and the environment, water-based paints are formulated using water as the main solvent. This significantly reduces VOC emissions and contributes to creating a healthier environment for both workers and consumers. Furthermore, eco-friendly paints greatly reduce environmental impact both during the production cycle and when mouldings are disposed of.

Contrary to common belief, water-based paints do not compromise the quality or durability of mouldings. Thanks to recent chemical and technological advancements, water-based formulations offer comparable, if not superior, performance to traditional paints. Water-based products are available in a wide range of finishes, from matte to glossy, allowing artists, framers, and craftsmen to achieve the desired effect without compromising the moulding’s strength.

Water-based paints are versatile and easy to use. Their quick drying time allows for shorter processing times, reducing waiting times and increasing production efficiency. Moreover, they are less prone to typical defects of solvent-based paints, such as air bubbles or streaks, and ensure a uniform and professional result. Their ability to effectively adhere to a wide range of surfaces, including hard and soft woods, makes water-based paints ideal for mouldings, regardless of the type of wood used.

An important detail not to be overlooked: water-based paints are odorless, making them perfect for indoor use because they do not release unpleasant odors during the application process or afterward.

Finally, water-based paints offer a wide range of colors: from neutral and classic shades to brighter and more modern tones, artists and framers can customize works, canvases, and photographs according to preferences and desired style. Additionally, color stability allows mouldings to maintain their beauty over time, without fading or yellowing.

Water-based paints represent a versatile, sustainable, and high-quality option for finishing mouldings: the combination of ecological performance, durability, and aesthetics makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to furnish or decorate while respecting the environment.

Published On: March 27, 2024Categories: News