The frame as an element of the story

What are the origins and use of the frame, and how did it become part of the history of art and the history of furniture as an essential element that completes and tells the taste for spaces?

Something that has become so much part of our thinking that it often takes on metaphorical meanings, to remember how the element that frames improves, highlights or enhances the beauty of what it contains.

Well, the origins are distant, linked in the European Middle Ages to the birth of the first paintings in reduced format: painting in reduced format, often performed on wood, requires a frame to give solidity to the artist’s work and to hide the thickness of the wood.

Up until the 16th century, the frame was presented as an architectural element that became part of the work of art: a sort of window through which the viewer could look out onto the world imagined by the artist.
In the following centuries the frame as an ornament asserted itself, with greater freedom in the composition: Italy is the country to which one looks not only for the production of unforgettable works of art, but also for the creation of frames which conquer for the perfection of the realization and for the creativity of the craftsmen who make them.

Even today it is Italy that creates a variety of frames that represent one of the strengths of our famous Made in Italy for the professionalism and creativity of the companies in the sector that know how to offer a range of products created for the needs and imagination of who furnishes, made with safe, long-lasting processes and with the highest quality material that guarantees their solidity over time.

Published On: August 21, 2023Categories: News