5 questions to:
Giuseppe Salvadori
Founder of Salvadori Cornici

by Luca Salvadori

5 questions to: Giuseppe Salvadori, founder of Salvadori Cornici

An interview to listen to, where Giuseppe “Bepi” Salvadori, born in 1936, tells his story. From childhood in the countryside to the desire to learn a trade, Bepi shares the journey that led him to found Salvadori Cornici, an excellence in the picture frame sector.

With his enterprise, he was able to transform a small artisanal activity into a company that has become a point of reference in Italy and abroad. His passion for work clearly emerges as he describes the beginnings as a framer and the challenges faced along the way.

Creativity, courage, honesty, and respect for others are the fundamental values that have guided, and still guide, the growth of the company. These principles have not only contributed to the success of Salvadori Cornici but also represent a model of inspiration for new generations.

Listening to Bepi Salvadori, one understands how dedication and willpower can turn a dream into reality. This interview is a journey into Made in Italy, into the heart of a craft that still today unites tradition and innovation.

Categories: InterviewPublished On: June 18, 2024