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5 questions to:
Francesco Fioravanti
FC Cornici

by Luca Salvadori

Can you tell us briefly the history of your company?

FC Cornici Srl was established in the distant year of 1988 by Mauro Fioravanti, Enzo Niccolini, and Rossano Ciani. Today, the company is carried forward by the ownership and the children of the respective founding partners. From the beginning, it sought to embrace a wide clientele on a global scale, considering territorial diversification fundamental. Over the years, we have always sought to adapt to the market’s needs, studying trendsetting products and carefully listening to our customers’ voices.

How did your company adapt to market changes ?

I believe the most significant transformation we’ve undergone is bringing our customers a product that is always updated to meet market demands, along with automation of the entire production cycle. In 2020, we merged our two plants into a single site in Castelfiorentino to further improve our competitiveness.

Which is the strength of your company ?

The continuous work carried out by our sales network in visiting our clientele, with whom we have built a close relationship of collaboration and mutual respect, along with the ongoing search for a product that meets our customers’ needs, I believe, are our strong points.

Do you think that the FamaArt exhibition is fundamental for your business and the one of your customers ?

FAMAART and WCAF in Las Vegas are the only two fairs dedicated to the frame and machinery auction. I don’t see how such an event could not be considered important for a frame manufacturer.

How do you see the future of the framing world ?

The frame will continue to perform its function as an ornament of the home and as a display of paintings, prints, documents and objects.
The future of framers, however, is more problematic.
Unfortunately, the framer’s activity has been losing its importance for several years, as happens with many artisan activities (shoemakers, tailors, bookbinders, etc.).
It is estimated that in the last 10 years the number of framers, both in Italy and abroad, has halved.
In supermarkets, or on the internet or on Amazon, it is now possible to buy ready-made frames in all standard sizes and all models. The purchase price of ready-made frames is always much lower than the price charged by framers.

What does a framer have to do to survive?

The framing industry is constantly evolving; you just need to understand it and follow it.

Categories: InterviewPublished On: March 18, 2024